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KeyPass is a versatile password manager with powerful security features
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KeyPass is a versatile password manager with powerful security features. The application interface is easy to use. From there, you can manage a database with different entries and passwords. This data can be easily categorized, for example, by applications, bookmarks, credit cards, PIN numbers, etc. All the data stored in the database is encrypted with 448-bit blowfish algorithm.

The first time the program is launched, you will be asked to enter a master key, which will allow you to manage the database. In addition, you will be able to import/export the database from/to a CSV or XML file, or other browser bookmarks format.

A feature that distinguishes this program from others is that you can set hot key combinations to enter IDs and passwords in a quick and easy way. This feature may not work in certain applications. However, I personally tried it in some programs (including Internet browsers), and it worked perfectly. Another way to enter passwords for different programs is using a small pop-up menu, which can be activated using hot key combinations as well.

For each entry in the database you can add extra information. For example, you can attach one or more files to entries, and thus, encrypt these files along with their passwords. Moreover, you can associate the database's entries to various applications and forms. For instance, if you are in the Hotmail login page, in the pop-up menu of the program you will see the entry of your e-mail account in the first place.

Finally, in this new version (4.9) some important changes were made: The program now runs perfectly in Windows 7, and the database's security has been enhanced. It also brings various improvements and fixes.

The freeware version is limited to only 10 database entries.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • You can use hotkey combinations to enter IDs & passwords
  • You can attach files to the database entries
  • The program's interface is easy to use


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